Who We Are

Peter Morales
Peter Morales is an AI Research Scientist with a decade of experience at BAE Systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Code Metal AI Labs. His expertise spans reinforcement learning and computer vision, with notable publications in top-tier conferences and a best paper award at AAMAS. At MIT, Peter was a foundational member of the AI Technology group, spearheading automation and robotics projects for the Air Force. His contributions include devising and bringing to production algorithms that safeguard the F-35 joint strike fighter and the U.S. Capitol from UAS threats, and developing the fusion engine behind the U.S. Army Hololens' scene understanding platform. Additionally, Peter has successfully founded a VC backed company that was acquired in 2022.
Tzofi Klinghoffer
Tzofi is a researcher in computer vision, computational imaging, and perception. His research focuses on AI-driven computational design, hardware-software co-design, and neural rendering/simulation. He brings years of research experience in both academia and companies, such as Amazon, NVIDIA, and Meta, and has published at top computer vision venues including CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, and ICCP. Tzofi is also a PhD candidate and Qualcomm Innovation Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Richard Alex Showalter-Bucher
Richard Alex Showalter-Bucher spent a decade developing algorithms, modeling/simulation, and AI capabilities for national security at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He has worked with OSD, Navy, Army, MDA, and DHS. Alex was affiliated with ALERT, a DHS Center of Excellence, and is Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership Fellow. He holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a specialization in AI.
Zander Brumbaugh
Zander is a technical author and AI researcher at the University of Washington. His publication, Language Models: A Guide for the Perplexed, explores the current landscape, capabilities, and future of large language models with co-authors Prof. Noah Smith and Sofia Serrano. He is a multiple time best-selling textbook author, with works on programming and game development. Zander is part of Noah Smith's ARK lab where his research focuses on the improvement of language models for real-world settings.